Jaringan Sarawak Diaspora (JDS) is pleased to invite you to participate in our “Sarawak Diaspora Cares” programme during and after the MCO period.

Our immediate Care package is “Sarawak Diaspora Rapid Care” where we target to provide immediate subsistence allowance to Sarawak students in IPTA/IPTS in the Klang valley, especially those staying off-campus.

We will also assist the needy to obtain further assistance once we verify their needs.

You can help us make a difference in this time of need.

We will also collaborate with our members to provide longer term “Road To Recovery” assistance to Sarawak SME’s, freelancers and others in the Klang Valley.

If you want to Donate, please go to “Become Donor”

If you need assistance, please go to “Apply Assistance”

For futher enquires, please contact :

Ezzra : 019-8275087

Azzam : 014-5812497

Moses : 01469550408

Sarawak Diaspora Rapid Care Update