Our Story


To be a dynamic organisation that connects and positively impacts Sarawakians globally through “Semangat Sarawak”


To promote, nurture and enrich Sarawak culture, talent and socio-economic well-being among Sarawakians worldwide through active networking and contributions of SDN chapters

Core Values

Integrity, Unity, Courage, Respect, Caring

What We Do

Organising programmes and platforms that connects Sarawak Diasporas through our series of planned and past activities such as ‘Sesi Bersusey’, ‘Ngelayo Carik Makai’ & celebrating festive occasions in various as aspects of : 

  • Economics commercial networks both in and outside of Sarawak
  • Enhancing awarness of the welfare of Sarawak indigineous communitites.
  • Uplifting and promoting Educational opportunities for all levels of Sarawakian 
  • Developing Sarawakian professional prospects, skill and employability

What is Sarawak Diaspora?

From ancient Greek word meaning ‘to scatter about’. This is exactly what Sarawak diaspora do – they scatter from homeland Sarawak to places across the globe but maintaining the sense of the Sarawak spirit or ‘Semangat Sarawak’.

Official Registration No: PPM-001-10-26012017